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Real estates in Spain

Frontal Solutions S.L. is a company with extensive experience and knowledge of the real estate market covering the Mediterranean area in Spain.

Selling, renting and refurbishing Spanish properties is our specialty.

We have the right personnel and experience. We have a wide range of properties for sale at competitive prices. Anyone who wants to invest in a Spanish property will be satisfied with choosing our company, which has the right knowledge and experience.

Spain is famous for beautiful places at the Mediterranean Sea. Interesting regions, beautiful weather, charming corners are a great place to spend holidays, winter holidays, to take year-round trips or visit during retirement.
We invite you to cooperate with us.

Renovations in Spain

Our company deals in renovations of real estates located in the Mediterranean part of Spain. We are able to perform any type of renovation, reconstruction, repair in accordance with construction law and standards. We have experienced professionals who try to meet all customer expectations. We approach each project individually trying to create a perfectly renovated property, so that the customer is satisfied.
Our company offers the following:

  • high quality of services
  • comprehensiveness of services
  • punctuality
  • providing services as agreed
  • competitive prices
  • consultancy in the field of renovation, reconstruction and extension
  • fast completion time

Apartments in Spain

If your dream is to own real estate in Spain, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, where you will find interesting properties located in beautiful regions.

Our offer includes:

  • houses
  • flats
  • apartments
  • villas
  • premises

Frontal Solutions S.L. completed a general renovation of a flat purchased from bank sales. The apartment was purchased for the purpose of a year-round rental in Valencia, which is why every detail and quality of workmanship was important. Frontal Solutions S.L. dealt perfectly with the whole renovation of the flat, which now looks fresh and modern. Certainly, it will provide a large amount of those interested in renting :).
We highly recommend the services of Frontal Solutions S.L.
Bartłomiej Malce
Private customer

Thanks to Frontal Solution S.L. our company has purchased a flat in the town of Torrente by auction on a bank sale. The apartment required major renovation and adaptation to the needs of the office. Frontal Solutions S.L. transformed the flat into an office with a guest room comprehensively and on time. Now, the flat is suitable for renting all year round. Certainly, our company will recommend Frontal Solutions S.L. to friends and other companies.

I used the services of Frontal Solutions S.L. and I’m very happy. The company helped me choose the right apartment in Alzira. As the flat was put up for auction on the bank sale, Frontal Solutions S.L. brokered the purchase of this apartment. Everything went well and according to my expectations. The apartment required a comprehensive renovation, which I also commissioned to Frontal Solution S.L. The whole renovation was done without any problems, on time and according to my expectations.
I highly recommend it !

Are you looking for a place in Spain? Check our offer!


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